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You May Call Me A Loser

You may call me a loser or call me what you may
But i can see life's brighter side i do laugh every day
Not much point in complaining or saying that life is unfair
Good luck to every celebrity and to every billionaire
I have a home to live in i eat three meals a day
Compared to most i am lucky so it does seem this way
So many people hungry in the bigger World out there
Homeless people in wealthy Countries and poor people everywhere
Not one of life's successes my name none will recall
Though to be dismissed as a failure does not bother me at all
I feel happy with what life gives me i laugh loud at a good joke
And those who know me better say of me not a bad bloke
The karma we receive in life some will tell you is our due
One day we reap what we do sow so happens to be true.

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