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You May Even Be

You may even be feeling suicidal at your obvious lack of success
Why even give it a thought the taking of the greatest gift you possess
Than your gift of life there is no greater so why would you wish to throw it away
Even though you feel as poor as a church mouse on what for you is another bad day
It is hard for to even feel hopeful when you are in dire poverty
When very few wish to know of you how sad for you this must be
You may wish Life's Reaper would claim the life from you but the will to live stronger than the wish to die
Those who tell you there are greater gifts than life are those who believe their own lie
Tomorrow for you may be better and the future for you better times may bring
You may as well look at the bright side too much sadness for you is not a good thing
Worrying about them will not solve your problems one worry leads to another they say
Living life is not always easy and it always has been this way
You may well be feeling suicidal and nothing for you is going right
But life is the greatest of all gifts and many for their last living breath fight.

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