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You May Feel Sad For Yourself

You may feel sad for yourself though you have a roof over your head
And you do not lack comfort in your comfortable bed
And you don't lack for nourishment with lots of good food to eat
You are not one of the millions who are homeless on the street
Of the poorest street of the poor suburb those who struggle to survive
And only their desire for life seems to keep them alive
They sleep in disused factories infested by rodents and fleas
Places not fit for homeless dogs to live in and breeding grounds for disease
Or on concrete park benches or by the parkland trees
Without shelter from the elements the rain and the cold breeze
You may feel depressed and lonely from the World you'd like to hide
And though you may feel down at present with lady luck not on your side
Compared to millions you are lucky you are not homeless on the street
And you've got a nice home to live in and more than enough to drink and eat.

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