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You May Feel That

You may feel that luck is against you but you are just one of many in the World of today
Who feels by life they are hard done by since nothing seems to be going their way
But everyone have their good and their bad days this is how life is meant to be
Today things are not going well for you tomorrow things may not go well for me
If every day for us was a good day happiness we would not appreciate
The one who is well used of losing a win with gusto celebrate
Not many wish to spend time talking to the one with the forlorn face
Amongst a group of happy people such a person does seem out of place
I know you are having a bad day but such days to our lives come and go
Tomorrow for you may be better at least one can only hope so
It is true when you laugh the whole World laughs with you and when you cry you cry on your own
Yet even the happiest of people some sad days in their lives have known
You may feel that luck is not with you this for you is not a good day
But everyone know of good and bad times since life is meant to be this way.

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