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You May Feel The Whole World Is Against You

You may feel the whole World is against you but few things in life do seem fair
But hope for a better tomorrow of the future one should not despair
And may today it be your worst day the toughest times for you may have gone
Just like every other survivor you hang in there and keep on keeping on
You've bought your ticket for the lotto jackpot tonight could be the night that you will win
The ten million dollars in the first division tonight may be the night your luck is in
You are not the only one going through the hard times there are millions like you in the World out there
People down in their luck to be found in every Country your type does seem quite common everywhere
Only the privileged can afford to live in the wealthy Suburb the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing ever wide
One can only live in hope to be successful if Lady Luck does not seem on your side
You hang in there through your suicidal moments you may be one of those to beat the odds
It does seem Lady Luck she is not with you and you must be a child of the lesser Gods
You have a ticket for tonight's tattslotto who knows when Lady luck will smile your way
And tomorrow you may well be celebrating and you will not want to recall today.

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