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You May Imitate My Accent

You may imitate my accent and your judgement may not be fair
And you may laugh at me I'm different but I really do not care
You don't seem to like my manner and like the look of my face
Don't like anything about me, you don't even like my race.

You look on me as inferior because of the work I do
But since you feel that way about me then the problem is with you
Words you use could never hurt me I pay no heed to what you say
I will lose no sleep to worry and why should I anyway? .

There's some good in every human that's how it would seem to me
And I take people as I find them and that's how it ought to be,
I take people as I find them don't call any out of name
There's no difference amongst races all are equal all the same.

You may laugh at me I'm different and my accent try to imitate
But unlike you I'm not racist and I don't discriminate
And I feel proud that I am different and proud of the work I do
And I'll not be losing sleep at night and worrying about you.

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