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You May Impress The Impressionable

'Tis not by the God you believe in or if you drive in a new car
These kind of things do not tell me of the person that you are
Your values as a Human Being tell us more about you
Than your new car or your new house or than your God can do.

As you drive in your new Ferrari me you try to impress
But I do not feel impressed at all though I wish you happiness
You may impress the impressionable but you do not impress me
An over inflated ego is all that I can see.

In every five seconds one more child die of hunger in the bigger World out there
And you flaunt your material things doesn't life seem so unfair?
Of the suffering of the many you don't seem to know or care
And thousands are in poverty for every millionaire.

You poets of the nobility of the upper class you sing
To use your talents in glorifying such people is such a wasteful thing
For you to do why don't you pen your verses for the children of the street
Who search the back street rubbish bins for mouldy food others don't eat.

You may impress the impressionable your type they do admire
And to one day drive a red Ferrari is something to which they aspire
Yet whilst I waste my time penning verse on you hundreds of people of hunger have died
Their right to life due to our greed to them has been denied.

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