(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You May Not Remember Me. But...

The best advice ever given to someone,
Was probably solicited.
With a promise not to become offended,
When the decision was made to deliver it.
To eventually despise the one who was direct.

And after years of being upset...
The one given the advice once in denial,
Recognizes the advice to be the best.
And then with a doing...
There is an attempt to make amends.
Hoping to be forgiven.

You may not remember me.
I was the one who asked for your advice.
And after you gave it to me...
I accused you of being mean and cruel.
And did everything I could to ruin your life.
Do you remember me?


Hello? '

In 'some' cases when asking for advice,
And that advice is disliked?
It is highly recommended,
To leave one's mother out of it.
With an insinuating of one's preference.

Or disgracing someone,
Because of something you've done!
Since it is hard to overcome,
An impression made left as a reference.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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