I’m Sorry, I Can’t

I’m sorry I can’t feel like this anymore,
I’m sorry I hurt you,
I’m sorry I let you think I was the one,
I’m sorry that I’ve moved on,
I’m sorry I can’t take you with me
I’m sorry now there’s someone new
I’m sorry I can’t seem to tell you
I’m sorry I don’t love you
I’m sorry I had to break your heart, to make it whole in time,
I’m sorry I can’t explain
I’m sorry I can’t quite erase you from my life to eliminate your pain,
I’m sorry for the tears I caused
I’m sorry I can’t stop feeling guilty
I’m sorry I can’t regret the words I said- I don’t
I’m sorry I can’t go back on what I did- I shan’t

by Kat 'Happy Girl' Happy

Comments (3)

You should hold your heart as it holds your life....don't let it down
angel, everything the common men enjoy is invented by a mad man... or an eccentric... that's why i wrote: o eccentrics of the universe...unite...you have nothing to lose except your madness..that only made you real people useful to mankind..... i won't call you crazy...so close to my heart.......
I don't think you're mad. I think you are a good poet.