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You May Use

You may use anti ageing creams and powders to smooth your age wrinkles away
And you may well buy for yourself hair dyes for to cloak your natural gray
These products may make you look younger by hiding the ravages of time
But you can never recover your lost youth or the health and fitness of your long gone prime
Anti ageing creams and hair dyes do not lengthen the life span by one second overall
And true that pride that boosts the ego always comes before a fall
And the need in many to look young despite ageing is not an uncommon thing
Since the praises of the aged and ageing you will not hear many sing
A dwindling minority in the Human World of today
Those who age with grace in the natural way
For plastic surgery wealthy people to plastic surgeons huge sums of cash pay
Money speaks every language as some like to say
But it will not buy you back your lost youthful elan
Or even guarantee you a longer life span.

by Francis Duggan

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