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You May

You may have come home a hero from the killing streets of war
But that does not tell us much about you or what sort of a man you are
The one who never fired a gun and to his beliefs is true
Though by many not seen as a hero is not a lesser man than you.

You may have won Olympic Gold and much of you is made
And in your Hometown in your honour there is a big parade
But the non athlete a stranger to fame who good deeds for others do
May remain unsung but the fact remains is no less a man than you.

On the flagpole in your front garden your Country's flag in the wind wave
Though of you that does not tell us that you are truly brave
But the one who never waved his Country's flag yet believes in human equality
Is he a lesser man than you are you as great as he?

You may be your Country's President and men for you kill and die
And many say how great you are in the public opinion polls you are riding high
But the poor homeless fellow of the streets his achievements may seem few
Yet he has never harmed anyone is he a lesser man than you?

You may be a renowned footballer the thousands chant your name
Many say the greatest ever for to play the greatest game
But the one who never kicked a ball and to help others goes out of his way
Is he a lesser man than you despite what others say?

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