You, Me, We …

I looked into the dark
And wished for a light, a spark
I looked in the mirror in search for you
To see the lost me in you
Eyes of stone
I was alone


I searched for you in the lines I read
In the words I wrote
In the changing colors around me
Nevertheless to see only red

The faces long forgotten
Brought back a tear or two
The days I was but alive; smitten
With your charm, in lieu
Away into the dark you flew
Taking away the world I knew
I now search for you, within
As the air in me grows thin

To have you blossom again
To see you in my eyes
To feel you right beside
To be able to ride
With you alone can I stride
In pride

You, Me…

To dream and live again
To be and follow the light
To kill the darkness of this night
Again to see that light

You, Me…

by Rosmin Elsa Mohan

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