(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Might Find Me A Disappointment

You might find me a disappointment.
I'm one who could care less,
About gossip and that mess.
And people with titles...
I don't put on pedestals.
Being 'real' is difficult enough.
Without having to be burdened.

I got 'me' back!
Off track and spinning wheels'
Once done.
Runninf in fear of reality.
And feeling pressure to be measured...
Against a society bleeding,
Common sense.

You might find me a disappointment.
I question what I don't understand.
And on my own two feet I stand.
I remember my Uncle Julius,
Holding my arms up as I ran down a hill.
He was teaching me how to walk.
It was behind where my grandparents,
And my other aunts and uncles lived.
That was in Bellevue Square.
Nine months old I was.

It's like this...
You might find me a disappointment.
And I live a life already having experienced them.
I'm sure there will be some regrets made,
As I lay more footsteps down.
So don't be disappointed if I accept it.
And keep steppin'.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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