You Missed Me

You missed me in your bohemian night.
When you lift your glass to drink,
for the good times
and don´t find me to your side.

You missed me when among the new friends
your soul found, alone.
And know that at the end of the night,
loneliness and indifference
will be your partners to the daybreak.

You missed me in the nights of full moon,
when you stroll with the moon to your back.
For the roads of the night,
reminding of the time when the love flourished
in each word, in each expression, in each caress.

You missed me when you look for my eyes
among the multitude´s... anonymous looks,
in the sunny afternoon.
And don´t find those eyes
that smiled, when they were
reflected in yours...

Do you know?
I will also miss you! ! !


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great stuff........maybe you can read mine side of things sometime.......I love yours. Great stuff :)