You Must Be A Magician

you must be a magician,

every time i run into your arms, my heart warms.
every time we talk, i am at ease.
every time you speak, i always listen.
every time we argue, we always make up.
every time you make me smile.

you must be a magician,

where does your magic come from.
how can you always make my heart beat faster than lighting hits the ground.
how do you know what to do at the right time.
how come every time we fight we end up smiling it off.
how did you come to be so wonderful.
nothing is ever boring with you around how come.

you must be a magician.
why do you always stare at me, making my face redder than a rose.
why do you always surprise me with just one kiss.
why is your smile the sun, that drys my tears.
why are you always taking care of me.
why is it?

you must be a magician.

'My love, i am not a magician, but if i was here is my answer to your questions. My magic is my affection for you, therefore as long as your by my side. i can do whatever you like. why? how? i do not know, but i do know i have fallen for you. Now my dear let me ask you this. Are you a magician? All your questions are exactly the ones i have asked myself.'

As the two magicians walked away holding hands,
let love be the magic, and your heart be the magician.

by kanako izumkui

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