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You Must Trust

the first time i saw you i hardly noticed
but then...
you started to give me attention.
you would ask me questions,
and even give me a bad time.
then i started to think,
this guy... he's fine.
you would sit be me
and pick on me,
and i knew you could tell,
i fell.
not like a kid but
like others did.
i had fall'n in lust
but with a guy i didn't trust.
i though to myself i must... i must, I must make the first move.
at first you made fun of me.
you though she's so typical
and nothing special.
but then you came to see,
who've i come to be.
and though 'is she ment to be...?
well this could be.'
so what if we were only teens,
we knew it could it could be.
but for a small fee we knew.
we knew that this is ment to be.
the ment to be was a we.
we fell in lust,
and with our trust it grew.
even tho you dont think i notice you,
I do.
but now withmy lust i have trust.

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