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You, My Doom.

Our time had come. Our time has passed.
We can never again go back to those days of simple minded innocence
And recreation. Simplicity and joy.
Happiness. Of just being in each others arms.
Instead we display false faces to the world.
Leaving them blind and hopeless to help.
When we ourselves were the ones decieved
Lying to ourselves
You in the arms of another
And me trapt in myself
Locked in a spiral of fear and confusion
Lost in a whirlwind of emotion and numbness
Insanity couldn't help but insue.
Days pass of frustration and discontent.
You stay with your ravish whores in your world of bright imagery
In your world of pleasure and painless corruption
In your land of artistic demons and preists that clamber from your skull
From your total lack emotion and disregretion of the souls that flock to your light
And you live in your world of delectation posing as malaise.
Beset, excruciate, torment your lovers.
Tyrannize, vex, victimize your fate.
Ruin, depleat, destroy your karma and good will
And leave me off alone to wallow in my in my inner sins
Leave me to face my own angels and demons in disguise
Leave me to find myself and lose myself and hurt myself over and over.
Leave it all to me.
Leave it to me to sanction my sanity and annex the thoughts of evil
Thoughts of destruction and of false profits
I look to the gods through the darkness for help
But see naught but dimmed stars from the street lights flickering overglow
I weep my dried tears and listen to your song
Directing your toxin directly into my viens
Close my eyes for release
Breath your air in and out
Begging for your deflowered, dispisable touch
Waiting for it, living for it
Living off the kind words of strangers
Entrusted with my greatest secret
And yet.
I'm still so numb.
Even while writing of our mishaps and off goings
My pain, your pleasure.
I'm still so numb.
So set me free, like the butterfly I ache to represent
Unchain my soul and help me find what was lost
Of my rag doll heart.
And pray for me, if even just for a single night
That I will one day feel again
That the scars you've left will heal
For your blind fold vields me from myself
My world, my love, my all
My you

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Langston Hughes


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