You Need Not Say Anything Else

It is neither recommended, advisable or suggested,
To take someone's willingness to give for granted.
Or to perceive their doing of it,
Is something from you they wish in return to get.
Especially when it becomes discovered,
Your telling to others what you assume to be untrue.
And you took it upon yourself to believe,
What someone has done and with sincerity to do...
Was done to get something from you!

Only to have it revealed...
That which was given could have provided benefit.
But your ego and self-centeredness,
Prevented to stop a sincerity given and meant.
By your 'inferred' assumptions done.
With a leaving of you and others also convinced,
That no one just gives without wanting 'something' back.
And the person you believed had been doing that,
Disappeared with expertise and peace of mind intact.

'What did you hear that was rumored about you? '

~That I gave them my time and knowledge too,
Because I wanted and needed them to become successful.~

'You mean 'more' successful? '

~No! Just successful.~


~You need not say anything else.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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peace of mind is there in its place, and chaos is there in their places, see..