You Need To Choose

if your gonna love me,
love me for forever.
if your gonna hate me,
do it now, or do it never.

hold me tight,
and never let go,
treat me right,
and just go with the river's flow.

wrap your arms around me,
don't let me fly away.
watch your grip cause your lettin' me slip,
and all i wanna do is stay.

i'm not gonna shock you,
like water to electricity,
so grab my hand,
and dare to imagine our possiblility

how far are you willing to go?
cause i'm just along for the ride,
and a participant in the show.
a small character, with a big personality.

not sure if i can fit the script,
because of my indiviuality.
there is no medium, and there is no small.
you either take it, or nothing at all.

sorry if i can't be your everything,
but if that's the case, then we can't become anything.
and you can forget about being my lover,
cause i can't deal with a relationship that's one day on,
and the next day over

by Selina Munsey

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