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You Need To Grow Up!
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You Need To Grow Up!

Poem By nyna rosz

I really never expected it to end this way,
But I just got tired of all the excuses you were telling me everyday,
To set the record straight I still do love you,
But we had to break because you have some growing up to do,
Now I’m not gone lie you were a good man to me,
And you were better than any man could ever be,
But your life just got in between our relationship,
And from the looks of things you couldn’t handle it,
You once told me that I know you’re always busy,
And you were right, but I never thought that you would get to busy for me,
I’ve tried to hold on and keep the faith,
But the excuses would always get in the way,
So last night I had to say good-bye,
And after I realized what I done this morning I had to cry,
I cried because I had to see you walk away,
And I also cried because of that look on your face,
Yes I gave you back the things you bought me,
Because you told me to keep them till we could never be,
And I was hoping that when you have grown up you’d come back to me,
For the record we did not break up we are just taking a break,
So you can grow up Dominique, and so I can think,
I’m not planning on being or talking to another boy,
Because now I want a man I can enjoy,
And I’m waiting for that man to be you,
But you’re still a boy… that’s why I said you have some growing up to do!

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