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You Need To Know

It seems to late in life to know,
The one true thing that you should know.
It may sound weird for you to hear,
But it's the one thing you need to hear.
Don't be afraid by what i say,
For it's something good I need to say.
It's got my feelings locked up tight,
With hope that this won't start a fight.
This thing I've got to say to you,
Has three short words that are for you.
These three short words are I Love You.
If only you'd feel the same way, too.
If you'd seen the reaction on your face,
You'd know that this could take some space.
If only, if only you'd taken this better.
I Love You so, that's all to know.
Just take to heart what you now know.
So, I'll leave you be for you to think,
About your life without me.

(December o4, 2006)

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