You Need To Write This Stuff Down

The state of all quality of life,
Has weakened in the face of greed...
Isolation and a dedication,
To advance the marketing of ignorance.
And a debate continues as to the experience,
Of a new leader who comes fresh with ideals.

And of this sacrifice he makes,
They have stated he will not maintain their values.


None of this is funny!

'You have no idea how ridiculous this is!
This is hysterical stuff!
It is reminiscent of a sermon I heard.
Actually delivered from a pulpit.
And I sat in a pew...
Holding myself together.
Doing the best I could,
To keep my ass from laughing.

Just like I told that reverand...
You need to write this stuff down!
Or do 'stand up'.
Don't waste this stuff.
You might have found a new career.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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wow! that is a unique poem, also quiet funny, keep up the good work :)