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You Needed What I Had

You needed what i had
i was glade to give you what i had,
a life of abuse at the hand's of your man,
looking for a way out
is what you said, if only i could leave
i could live life's dream's, out on my own
no man to lay a hand on me
ever again,
i made you a deal helped you get out
when you had no family or friends
to help,
where did it get me it got me in debit,
you promised to pay me back
but where are you now? no where to be found,
you don't answer your phone, you don't call back,
i feel you twisting your knife in my back,
sometimes i wish i could take all my kindness
someday you'll see, karma will come around
and no one will be there, to pick you up
when life is kicking you around,
your burning bridges that could have led to
more help, when you needed it
now i need some help and your no where to
be found,
never lone money to
family or friends.
Copyright © 2007

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