You Never Called

Poem By Sanjukta Basu

Gone are the days
when my phone used to ring
And a sweet caring voice used to touch a string in my heart
As I would pick up the receiver and say ‘hello’

A face of an angel used to flash in front of my eyes
As you would say ‘hello’ putting colors in my life

My heart would start pounding and
My soul will take a leap
As you would take my name in a soft sensual and stammering way
And as we build up a conversation
I’d begun a journey with you
To an exotic locale
Deep through ocean, past over the mountains,
Streets of beauty love destination
Probably In the Atlantic or the Arctic

Just the two of us holding hands together
As we go on I feel life couldn’t be better
Wishing and hoping we could stay life this forever

Then we would feel it’s been a while
Time is knocking at the door
Saying its time to say bye
Receivers will be put down at both ends

Suddenly I knew
Yet another splendid moment spent with my soulmate,
Just passed by

Now there is a killing silence between us
I don’t know why
Honey, if I could turn back and stop time
I would have never let you put down the phone saying
“OK bye”

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This one is also good, but have you ever thought of translating your poems in Bengali?

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