You Never Gave Me A Chance

When you left me,
I was hurt.
When you weren’t there,
I never had a shoulder to cry on.
I seen you with a girl my age,
I thought why did you leave me.
I am in my big messy room,
Thinking of all the good you took from me.
Haven’t had all of your love all these years,
You gave your love to people I didn’t want to talk to.

You never gave me a chance,
When you do, you’re always busy.
And you left me with people,
I wanted to spend time with you, not them.

I missed you so much,
I wish you came back to me.
I have loads of pictures,
Just me and you.
No one to take all of your love away from me,
I wish I could tell you how I feel.
I want you to se all the pain,
Deep down in my heart.
Then you’ll realise you have hurt me,
Just come back with all our happy memories.

You never gave me a chance,
I want to go all over the world with you.
Just you and me,
I wanted to spend time with you, not them.

I know you love them very much,
But it feels as if you put them before me,
Like they are more important than me.
I talk to you on the phone,
But that isn’t enough for me.
I am the last to know everything,
It’s not fair.
You treat her the way you’re supposed to treat me,
I wish I was with you at this very moment.
You never gave me a chance….

by Hazel Mc Taggart

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Hazel...I felt compelled to give you a 10. The poem rings so painfully candid. I sure it strikes a familiar cord with most who read it.