Blackhawk'z Feng Shui Convoyin'duwonaah Vodun Avenue

Poem By Cherokee Akan Ewe

eh eh where you frum?
out the part half ofah weendoo down tah'dah ground mastered
not like dah the Chi Ca Go I possess
closed caption gee oh
with sets of prepositions per seat ridding caps back as the Equalizerz correctly from now own until everyone has equal pay to equality of all throughout as One spiritualality
cause Blacks Law over laws created frum fertile land
tah'bee Law Literary Professionals
tah'bee Law Teacher and Professors
tah'bee Lawyers who practice the arts of jeet kune do kick bee oh eekes a Judge indigenously
every generation bee ah bettah
for saleing Statues as Tome literature
globally thought now and backwards accomplishedment forward once now is flipped plus currency percentage
educated of business law
or they will be educated of domestic to international laws
then rewrote to authored firstly with deep critism and inaccurancies of comments
like to investors and investor sophisticated groups
and you too should loop
when a gain of Blackhawks squawkin'
members frum da tribez who will call ya fade
target market ya tele
just tah product inyahands
gimme cotton linen ironed print fa my stacks
like jeans dyed dark hue starch pressed
fresh dressed sparked blessin' walkin'
past da sign you neva scene avenoo when dem walnuts frum their Tree descendants dropping dem submarines inn in the earth macroeconomically as to microeconomically on your human skin needs Mango Butter with rosemary and lavender oil no the pine soothe
Blackhawk'z Feng Shui convoyin' duwonaah Vodun Avenue....

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