JE (September 30,1991 / Wooster)

You Never Know What You Got Till It's Gone....

She lays on her bed, thoughts flowing into her head. Thoughts of her,

thoughts of him, thoughts of what they once were. She Remembers

how well he treated her and how she agnored his love. She shakes her

head to snap out of it and says to herself, 'I don't love you, I love the

idea of you! I don't love you. I can't love you now for you are forbiden by

another. I had you and let you go. Besides he probably doesn't feel the

same anymore about me.' She wipes away tears, and tries to patch

up her heart............They are good friends now and she can tell him

anything, but this is one secret he'll never know....because she thinks

its better off that way. She thinks to herself, 'I broke his heart, and I

guess I deserve the same.'

by Jessica Elizondo

Comments (4)

Jessica, the final lines are the poem - if you can find a way to express the preamble in less words than the last two lines you'll have written what is the essense of a truely great poem. Rgds, Ivan
i agree with your title. great story. its really sad though. good job. keep it up. sista. lol. lylas.
Is it the myte or the man thats loved, is loved lost ever real again, I like to hope so. Intrestings questions. Thanks for sharing.
Very good, but it is confusing because of how you um... formatted it.