You Never Know

"You Never Know!," one conceded clairvoyantly.
"No!," another responded resolutely.
"A-ah . . . one of life's bittersweet expressions!,"
that pair concluded, paradoxically. "But, 'You Never Know' is transcendent,
yet, prophetic!," another knowingly averred;
"It addresses unknowing destinations:
people, places, and relations." "And, 'You Never Know' is whimsical
at worst?," queried another.
"While perplexedly hypothetical
at best?," asked one other. "That the best can be worst,
and the worst can be best . . .
illogical schema . . . but, the 'You Never Know' test!"
The pundits, providentially, pontificated to others.

by Dr. Walter S. Polka

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