You Never Saw Me

This pain has to end, before my life does.
This harvest can no longer be stashed.
I must share this information with the rest of the
world or I am going to go crazy.

No longer will I clean up after you, i was always
there for you after every break up and every
tear shed. When your heart was in pieces,
I was the one who helped you pick them up.

I was the one who never gave up on you and
your dreams, I never gave up hope for you and......
her. I always thought that one day you would see
that the one person that you needed was right infront of you.

That day never came, she left you and you left me.
This is a never ending cycle of pain.
But one day you are going to wake up,
and think back to the long nights we spent together just
talking, and think oh my God, I lost the girl I was supposed to be

Calls are made, tears are shed, once you realize
I am gone. No where to be found except te grave yard.
Dieing the day you left me there. Drowned in my own tears.
Does it hurt to know I was your one true love, but you had no idea?
Does it make your stomach churn at night knowing
that your the reason for my death?

This day in time was historical for some people,
the ones who were always waiting, hoping for me to fall.
Well I fell but I never got back up. I just wish you would've known
how I felt about you ahead of time. But you were living
in the past and fell into the future.

I guess everyone has someone to love, but there is
no garuntee that they are going to love you back.
There is always going to be that one person that you
really want, but you know you can't have because they've moved
on and you're still living in the past.

Everyone has to live in the past every once in
a while because thats how you learn from
your mistakes.This pain must've hurt you badly.
So bad that it made you come down here and
lay beside me. I kinda like the company now.

Laying besdie the man, the friend who I fell
into love with. Maybe no one will see us together,
but as long as I see you and your laying beside me
ten feet under, I am happy.

by Sarah matthews

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i always wondered why it would feel better if they died..instead of us torturing ourselves..? ..anyways thank you for this great piece