You Never Say My Name

You never say my name

as if you are afraid that
it would bind you to me,
that the utterance of the
syllables which define me
would hold you to some
invisible promise...
a promise you are
unable to keep

and I scream at you and
claw at your indifference
towards my need
while you commit yourself
to your silence

when it matters most to me
to hear you say
my name

* translated from Afrikaans


Comments (4)

this is so beautiful yuri and i am certain that there is more to it than just the great words... thanx for sharing Jj
Uitsonderlik. hoeveel keer was ek al op hierdie selfde plek. 'n Bittersoet niemands land waar net die klank van jou naam vir jou ongekende grond kan wen. Wanneer kan ons die afrikaanse weergawe lees.
I've just approached to this author through her comment about a poem, the first line of her biography and this poem with its title. I've realized the importance that she attaches to personal identity, and quite rightly.
I love it, thank you.