You Only Get One

i wanted to write to my mother
to tell her how much i love her
but as i sat in a daze
i was unable to find the right catch phrase
all i need is the right start
why am i struggling with my heart to heart
now don't be mislead
by what i just said
but instead
listen to the words that are ahead

even though i had a slow go
there are several things i want her to know
these are more than just words u see
these are thoughts inside of me

remember that day
back in may
well i remember play by play
as i stood in your hallway
thinking your body had faded away
i decided to pray
that the Lord would let you stay
i believe because of prayer
that the Lord kept you near

as i watched you on your death bed
i no longer had a thick head
life had threw me my lowest blow
but i knew God could overthrow
that life brings
He is able
as long as you lay it on His work table

don't stress
or be depressed
because we are truly blessed
don't burst
into tears
it could be worst
and God knows your deepest fears
instead pray with all your might
now your prayers are in God's site
so just sit tight
with joy and delight
and your problems will fly by night

to my mom, the very best
with no hard feelings on my chest
we may not talk every day
and i may not answer right
but my love will never go astray

i appreciate the love you've shown
more, now that i have a child of my own
i only pray to teach him the right way
that you've showed me day to day

i wanted to write to my mother
to tell her that i love her
i no longer sit in a daze
i am ready to give her praise
for being there for me always

you only get one mother
please promise to tell her you love her
before you wait
and it's too late

by Kisha Banks

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I promise..i'll let her know... Brilliant write ~