You Only Show Me Interest

I would love to sit and spend more time with you.
Looking at life from your point of view.

But of late,
I am reminded doing this I have done.
With little of my own visions,
You have neither invited or have welcomed.

And if you did,
You've made many excuses...
To run to do errands,
With a wish that I would come.

Today my happiness for me has begun.
And it has taken me a while to understand,
My happiness is of no interest to you.
Of course...
It is spent entirely catering to you,
And what it is you like to do.

No more am I in it just to give to you, boo!
You have no interest in me.
You only show me interest,
If it is a benefit to you in all that you do.
And people like you around me I don't need.

'That's not true! '

What is it that I like most to do?

'You never mentioned it.
So how would I know? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I like this, and have felt like you do on numerous occassions in the past. Well described!