MN (11-08-1970 / )

You Only ''Think'' You'Re Hiding

I know you think you're hiding
and you can go ''unseen''
but, let me say I know you're there
and that I know you're mean.

Just focus on your own life
don't concern yourself with mine.
If you are such a ''treasure''
you should be doing fine.

Why give me such attention
yet act like you don't care?
Don't think you're really hiding...

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Too many of us are at this stage, I feel that as we get older we may have learned much more about ourselves and others.Great Poem Love Duncan
You deserve kind attention, I hope you're not getting negative attention! !
Yeh, you tell it out Mary, uncover 'whoever'' it is and show em! One of your great writes again. Love Ernestine XXX
It's that tosser oner init Mary. I wouldn't give him the pleasure of a poem. Although I did react at first. I think if you block him, you should be able to stop him voting and commenting too! You could as RD suggests, have a word or two with admin. Good flow to your poem all the same. 10 from Tai
Mary, you have such a way with words and rhyme. It's delightful to read even though you're actually chastising someone. avr
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