You Possess What You Cannot Keep

I hear the drums in the deep
They are coming for you and they will not sleep
They will take it from you
For you possess what you cannot keep.

Though I gave it to you it was not forever
My hearts not yours you must give it back
They may tear you limb from limb to return it back to me
For you possess what you cannot keep.

As you lie there on the ground and you look up at those above
You realise what you'd done to make them steal the love.

You wanted to destroy it for my heart was pure jet black.
You could have melted the stoney shell to reveal the true love inside.
But you judged me and I only wanted it back.
So now you lie there on the ground drawing your final breath
You may now embrace the arms, not the angels but your death.

All the people round the world rejoice because you are dead
But I didn't laugh and cheer, I cried instead.

by Jane Tomlin

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intriuging. you have great rhythm in your work. i love the voice as well, sounds like its whispering to you