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You Quit On Me

My life was just an open book to you
I told you everything, I trusted you
I can't believe you lie to me
you use me, I see it clearly
I didn't know it would come to this
You became obsessed, after that 1st kiss
You left me for him, I knew it'd happen
We used to joke around, now nobody's laughin
Best friends, you said to me that one Sunday
You said forever but I knew you wouldn't stay
Why'd you abandon me? Leave me on my own?
Didn't I give you the most trust you've known?
You leave me alone in this desert land
I hate u but love you, and without you i can't stand
Come back to me, and be my friend
Even if we end up killin' eachother at the end
I never quit on you, don't you see?
You quit on our friendship, you quit on ME

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Strong poem. This is very good, I like the ending best. ~Amber~
ME LIKEY. uhg... i can't just say 'me likey' It says 'Please use at least 20 characters' so... ok... i think that's