You'Re Adored

The night was young,
And crisp...
With the sound of crickets!

Fireflies flew...
And all I could do,
Was smile.
Under a moonlit sky,
I thought of you and I
For quite a while!

The air was fresh...
And my breath relaxed and satisfied!
I felt so good like I should
Knowing with hope I'm showing
And gloating outside!
I can't deny...
Who I wish laying by my side!
Like other nights,
I look forward...
As I lay getting the courage to say,
You're adored!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Reading this I was getting the same feeling as Tailor and Patricia.
you sound like someone in love, LP! nice work. -Tailor
So very sweet and tender.... do I see a softer side L?