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You'Re All That I Need
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You'Re All That I Need

I don't need anybody
when you're not around
And I don't need sympathy
when I'm feeling down
I don't even need a shoulder
when I'm crying my tears
I just want you to love me
because baby you're all that I need
There's times when I feel alone,
I sit and wait for you by the telephone
I know you'll be calling
to say that you care
And I know you'll always be there
I can't imagine living my life
without you
Because you're the first thing I think of
when I open my eyes
And I'll love you
for the rest of my life
Baby no matter where you are,
near or far
I'll always have you in my heart
And for some reason the sun doesn't shine
and it rains all night
I'll be allright
Because baby you're all that I need

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