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~you'Re Dead Because Of Me~
CG (01/20/90 / cleveland)

~you'Re Dead Because Of Me~

At times it may seem
That living life is to hard,
Mybody cries and screams
And my trust has been scarred
I'm sick of living but what else can I do
Perhaps suicide?
Everything would be better if I died
But what if I died where would I go?
Would I finally see you?
After all these years,
Through all my tears,
Would I finally be with you?

I saw you going under, I saw your hand,
I saw you reach for me, but I didnt understand
I didnt understand, but now I do,
You were reaching for me,
To help you onto safety,
At the time i didn't see,
And now you're gone, because I didn't help you,
You're dead because of what I didn't do

It's because of me,
That you died,
Because of me that you commited suicide,
ALL MY FAULT! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Comments (2)

Cara: This poem so very accurately describes where I am. I could not have stated it any better. My wife took her own life on Dec 30,2007 and I have been stranded in the situation this poem describes so clearly. I want to thank you for describing my situation so succinctly. Take care/be safe. Daniel
I think it's so wonderful that you write your feelings down. It's good to get it out (especially to a crowd that you don't know) . Very intense write. Sincerely, Mary