You’re Far Away…

Ways aren’t crossed by walking,

By loving your love never comes to an end,

Even I lived with your absence,

Your presence was enough.

During my most upset times,

My only aim was hearing your voice,

Embracing you at the painfull days,

And dreaming you at the worst loneliness.

I know you’re far away from me,

As if a life fits into a short time,

When you say good bye,

False smilings were at your face.

I know you’re far away from me,

You longing never fits into the lines,

My beloved heart isn’t cheered up without you,

I’m in desperete straits to reach you.

I know you’re far away from me,

At the last point of hope,

You’re in the empty pillow beside me,

You’re in my mind all the time.

Poem: Can AKIN

Translated by: Nilufer DURSUN

by Nilufer Dursun

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