You'Re Gay

Who is truly the one in question;
The one being called a derrogatory term for male homosexuals,
or the one resorting to using such a term in absence of a healthy vocabulary or anything of importance to say?
What is the point of such a clueless and artless hurling of words?
Is it an indication of a cultural vortex?
A failure of the schools to uphold morlas?
A failure of the teacher to invoke knowlege of vocabulary and verbal literacy?
Is it the media influence?
Those damned ignorant minority-worshipping trends?
The wrong friends?
Without fail, the helicopter parents will blame anyone but themselves and the child, and hover over them, sending down on wires anything the child needs before scooping them off the their next helicopter parent-orgainzed activity.The child, as any trained animal, will do whatever is placed in front of it before eating whatever is placed before it and going to sleep as it is sent down on a wire to it's bed.
It is clearly because use of cluelessly tossed derrogatory homosexual terminology was placed in front of these poor, senseless, trained beasts by...
who else?
the helicopter parents!
On their wires they sent down MTV! The case of the ignorant child is solved!

by Sam Morrow

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