You'Re Gone

No, don’t leave me….
Please don’t….
You’re the only thing I have
You’re the reason I’m alive
Everything else kills me inside
Whenever I think of cutting myself
Or whenever I think of taking these pills
You’re image holds me back
It tells me not to do that

But if you’re gone….
If you’re gone….
What will I do?
I don’t have a clue

But don’t you care?
You always said you’d be there
You said you’d be there for me
I’m so sad inside, can’t you see?
Well I guess that was all just a lie
I guess you really are a liar
We weren’t deeply in love
But it was turning into love
But now it’s nothing at all

Cause you’re gone….
You’re gone….
What am I gonna do?
I don’t have a clue

For I was always so sad
Then you came along
And that made me so glad
But then, now you’re here saying “So long.”
I don’t understand why
I told you all my thoughts inside
But you’re not
And I think I’m gonna die

You’re gone….
You really are gone…
What am I to do?
I don’t have a clue

by Rachel Blank

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