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You'Re Gone (Another Heartache)
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

You'Re Gone (Another Heartache)


I'm sitting here all alone tonight
Finding a way to rid of this heartache
Its so hard to believe that your gone
One minute your here the next gone

No matter how hard I try
I have to cry a million tears
I loved you more than you'll know
Now I'm sitting on the floor in my room

Crying myself in to a river
It's been a great 3 years
Now its over your gone
I don't know what I will do

I just know that I will miss you
And I wont be the same ever again
Since the day you left my heart
I've had nothing but a heartache

I cant sleep or eat cause
I'm thinking about you
Looking through the scrapbook
I thought both of us was happy

I guess I was wrong once again
Cause your gone
Right out of my sight
Another heartache as taken over me

I'm crying a million tears
I can't eat or sleep
I'm sick and tired of this life
I wanted to be with you

I loved you with all my heart
Now my heart is nothing but a heartache
I'm sitting here figuring out what I did
I miss my one true love

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