You'Re It!

I wonder
where you are
as I finish up
the dishes.
I' get you! '
A trace of laugher
left upon the air.

'Ah...ya wanna play? '
Your body
loves to play
hide & seek
with my kisses & careses!
Are you
behind the curtain?

Nope...that's just
breezes... flirtatious little breezes
playing with the thought of you.
'Sacre bleu...! ' the French curtains
look afronted ' you accuse..? '
I pulled them
together...shut them up!

Are you
that sudden slamming door?
Nope...that's just
breezes too...pretending to be you.
An other door bangs again & again
like a dog barking.

Better batten down the hatches
...storm brewing.
And then there is a terrible
lot of silence.
'Where are you? '
(I say in my best Pepe le Phew way) /

Ah at last
a clue
you have left me
a paper chase of
I know them to be

I remember removing them
one by one in the evening
in my mind
that climb the stairs
in an invisible

(oops mind that
slip 'n' shoe)
the items
getting more intimate
by the minute

ah ha...a stocking top
at the top of the stairs
oh bra & knickers!
What...ever next!

I ponder...
as my kisses
& caresses
discover you
(very badly hidden
in my view)

as if you had every
of attracting
'I thought
you'd never
come! '

you pout...
I kiss your mouth
with exaltation.
Kiss away a bead
of perspiration.
My kisses
& caresses
all over
your body!
'Gotcha...gotcha! '
they cry
(but I wonder who
really caught who/)

'You're it! '
'You're it...indeed! '
Morning finds us
like two cheeky children
tucked up in bed.

by Dónall Dempsey

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