CJ (8-17-91 / Maury County, Tennessee)

You'Re Killing Me

You act like I'm invisible
When you see me in the hall
I know that you're ignoring me
'Cause I'm different from you all

I hear your nasty rumors
And I feel your hateful glares
But deep inside it's killing me
Though I act like I don't care

Hurting me might pleasure you
You want to see me cry
But you'll never see a single tear
'Cause I save them for that night

Your life must be so perfect
The way you treat me like you do
I only have one question
What did i ever do to you?

I used to always smile
I thought of myself with pride
but he day that I first met you
You looked and rolled your eyes

I'm tired of trying to hide it
I just want you to see
That sometimes looks can really kill
And you happened to look at me

by Crystal Johnson

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Comments (6)

Hey, chin up girl, you're a special person in your own right, look forward lass. Love Ernestine XXX
Me too.. it takes years to realise it's their problem really, not yours...
I like the last lines the best....been there I can relate to this so well....very good job!
The ending line about looks killing is the best, keep writing.
Crystal, This is such a great poem! Your message is clear........no doubt about it! i can't wait to read more from you! ! Sincerely, mary
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