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You'Re Leaving?

Before you say another word make certain that you're sure
That you absolutely, positively don't want me no more
'Cause if you are I promise that I won't stand in your way
In fact I'll even help you pack so you can leave today
Yes I know that it may seem I'm taking this quite well
that's because my life with you has been nothing but hell
So sweetheart here's that second chance for you to do it right
You can finally look for someone else, why don't you start tonight
Don't worry babe I'll be just fine living without you
In fact when you walk out that door I'll be as good as new
Now that I know you're leaving not a thing could spoil my day
Unless of course you change your mind and decide you wanna stay
So goodbye and goodluck in whatever you do
It's over, it's finished...Hallelujah, we're through!

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