You'Re Making My Purpose Very Difficult

Content and substance
Intended to deliver
A meaning driven by a purpose
With a hopeful comprehension
That explores misunderstanding

I'm exploring my intent to mug you
You are the 'muggee'
And I
I am the 'mugger'
You're making my purpose very difficult
Do you OR do you not intend
To hand over to me your wallet? '

Are your serious?
Do you realize I am on a fixed income?
And you are here
Brandishing a gun?
Talking some nonsense?
Hand you my wallet?
I don't carry a wallet!
And furthermore
HEY! ?
You come back here
I'm not finished!
Did you hear me?

Damn kids
Walking around making demands!
Pants hanging off his butt
Running away like he's carrying a diaper load.
He expects to get something from me?
And he couldn't stay to understand a word I said?
When I was that age,
At least I was polite!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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