'You'Re My Addiction.

You're my daily addiction,
my doses of attraction,
Piercing of the needle through my heart.
pull the trigger,
to stop my fantasies,
Let reality hit me,
for you have given me ecstasy.

Colors zooming,
my eyes going blur,
Time in slow-mo,
I'm talking in slur.

Weed in my system,
searching for food is wisdom,
hungry as can be,
feed me your animosity,

Twisted tales follow,
Colors never look so beautiful.
Dreams of dreams,
I seem to follow.

Alcohol is to blame,
Drinking is my problem,
but its also my game.

My hunger has taken over,
This addiction is deadly,
forgive me for coming on too strong,

This love is my esctacy.. and my reality.
and certainly, I am no druggie..

This ain't no dream, what this is, is true love in the making.

by Dislocated Heart

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LoL, I have a drug poem too about love. Yours is way better organized and better rhyming