NW (02/18/93 / missouri)

You'Re No Different...

i think what hurts the most is that i loved you
i mean i truly loved you
you were my everything
when i had nothing
you were someone i could confide in
when no one would listen
you were my sister, my friend, and my heart
i looked up to you because i thought i found my light
when i was lost in the dark
you were with me through my trying times
and you shared my joys and laugher when i was happy
you were the one person in this whole world
who i ever felt gave a damn
about me, my life, and my drama
never ever in my life would i have thought u would hurt me
you were the one person in my life who i thought
would let me see that my life had meaning
i feel so very alone
and there will always be an eternal hole in my heart
were my best friend
was, and will always remain
i think what hurts the most is i thought u were different
out of all the people in my life, i thought you'd at least be the one
who hadn't caused me pain
but what hurt's the most is that you're just like them
the very same

by Nahjee' Wes

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