You'Re Not My Dad

you're not my dad
always bitching at me
as though i've done something bad
you know your problems
but you don't get them fixed
i cant recall the last time
you gave me a goddnight kiss
you may be my father
but you're not my dad
always pissed off
always mad
you're so self conceited
never think about the way you have treated
you dont care about my mom
god damn i wish you were just gone
i know mom left you
i know your not happy
can you even remember
when i called you my daddy
you tell them that they need to teach
yea guess what
practice what you preach
you're never there for me
it was cloudy before
but now i see
that you dont mean anything
you're a waste of space
so why dont you go back
to your hiding place
you may be my father
but you'll never be my dad
i hope my husband gives my kids
the life i never had

by brooke foolio

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