GTM (The Day I saw her / Her Heart)

You'Re Perfect

Because everything you do
Makes me smile...

Because every second I spend with you
Is worthwhile..

Because when you laugh at me
I laugh too

Because I love your eye's
and the way they shine...

Because when you're confuse
youre so cute..

Because you get me mad
and You are the only who could..

Because when you're sad
I can lend you my shoulder..

Because the way you hold me
Sends shivers down my spine..

Because your spirits so free
and youre so dang fine!

Because I could never stop thinkin about u..
Its not fair..

Because youre just perfect
and no one else can compare...

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Comments (1)

This might be helped if the title was corrected to read You're Perfect, as you wrote further down in the poem.